1. Master lighting design 18 marzo 2019

    Master lighting design 18 marzo 2019
    Welt Electronic, con la collaborazione del partner Nichia, lunedì 18 marzo 2019, terrà la lezione "Fondamenti di illuminotecnica, colore e percezione visiva" al MLD: Master Lighting Design del Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto dell'Università la Sapienza di Roma
  2. Nichia expands its Optisolis™ technology

    Nichia expands its Optisolis™ technology
    Surface Mount Type & Chip on Board Type
    – Spectrum matches sunlight almost perfectly
    – No damaging UV emission
    – Degradation of irradiated materials greatly reduced
    – Perfect for use in museums and art gallery lighting
    – Available in colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K

  3. SENZA OMBRA DI LUCE per filo e per legno

    SENZA OMBRA DI LUCE per filo e per legno
    Welt Electronic supports the event “SENZA OMBRA DI LUCE per filo e per legno” that will take place on Friday October 4th at 10:00 am at S.Teresa Florence University (Department of Architecture), Via della Mattonaia Street, number 8.
    During the event the new patent “far luce senza ombre” (To make light without shadow) will be presented and some lighting industry experts, as the Campus Design Director Prof. Gianpiero Alfarano, the AIDI General Secretary Alvaro Andorlini Engineer, Massimo Sacconi Architect and Lighting Designer; the Nichia Europe B.V. Lighting Division Manager Alessandro Afeltra, will talk about LED LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY on the basis of their competence and experience.
  4. VCSEL 3D depth-sensing module

    VCSEL 3D depth-sensing module
    Lextar has launched a VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) product range, which can be used for 3D depth sensing applications including hand gestures, numeric counting of individuals, facial recognition and detecting fatigue in drivers.
    The Lextar VCSEL PV88M series of components is mainly applied to the emission of light sources for the 3D depth-sensing module, providing products with various wavelengths, brightness, package size and beam angle selection from 45 to 100 degrees. This series can be applied to many types of detection systems.
    For more information, please read the interview issued by Ing. Tiziano Fegatelli, Opto LED Product Manager of Welt Electronic and reported by Elettronica Open Sorce.
  5. Vitasolis: ideal human centric lighting experience

    Vitasolis: ideal human centric lighting experience
    Nichia's Vitasolis playe a key role in suitable lighting to help control human circadian rhythm, especially in office, school and hospital settings.
    Lighting can have an influence on activity levels throughout the day, including waking up in the morning, being active during the day, and encouraging sleep at night.
    While Vitasolis provides a very natural white color, part of its spectrum contains a larger amount of energy in the cyan region, which helps control the human circadian rhythm.
    We envision manufacturers combining Vitasolis into IoT systems and providing suitable lighting based on the time of day and desired environment. Vitasolis will truly enable the ideal human centric lighting experience.