1. EEMB and FANSO new partnership

    EEMB and FANSO new partnership

    Welt Eletronic is glad to announce a new partnership with EEMB and Wuhan FANSO companies, specialized in battery production. The series is very extended, it goes from the primary batteries to the rechargeable ones, as Li-Ion, Li-Po, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, and the high standard quality is guaranteed from Welt Electronic, who always add more value to the products offering an excellent technical service to his customers.

  2. SENZA OMBRA DI LUCE per filo e per legno

    SENZA OMBRA DI LUCE per filo e per legno
    Welt Electronic supports the event “SENZA OMBRA DI LUCE per filo e per legno” that will take place on Friday October 4th at 10:00 am at S.Teresa Florence University (Department of Architecture), Via della Mattonaia Street, number 8.
    During the event the new patent “far luce senza ombre” (To make light without shadow) will be presented and some lighting industry experts, as the Campus Design Director Prof. Gianpiero Alfarano, the AIDI General Secretary Alvaro Andorlini Engineer, Massimo Sacconi Architect and Lighting Designer; the Nichia Europe B.V. Lighting Division Manager Alessandro Afeltra, will talk about LED LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY on the basis of their competence and experience.