1. Choose SIL-PAD® TSP 900

    Choose SIL-PAD® TSP 900

    Welt Electronic can give you the possibility to purchase customized die-cut Sil-Pad choosing just one supplier and optimizing the productivity.

    DIE-CUT TING of raw material

    ASSISTANCE for any special request

    BEST QUALITY: Sil-Pad is perfect for an efficient heat dissipation maintaining excellent electric isolation.



    Our partner Schaffner Group can offer not only the world’s biggest selection of EMC/EMI filters and chokes, but even standardized and customized specific solutions as well; thanks to qualified engineers who can help you to know international compliance standards and to improve the safety of electrical/electronic equipment.

    In “EMC/EMI Components and Quality Filters for Energy Storage” catalogue of our partner Schaffner Group, you can find your EMI application solutions.

    It is, infact, a very complete catalogue with high quality solutions for mitigating EMI in your renewable energy and storage system.

  3. We are closed for Christmas Holidays

    We are closed for Christmas Holidays

    In the last few years Welt Electronic has been deciding to replace the traditional gift-exchange with a donation to the Italian association ANT, which is involved in offering home specialist assistance to cancer patients plus to a free oncologic prevention as well.

    As we know the seriousness and the devotion of this association, we would like to indicate it to you.

  4. Pechino Airport uses MOSO LUP Series

    Pechino Airport uses MOSO LUP Series

    According to the 2016 “Guardian” selected the Seven Wonders of the New World, China has taken two seats. One is the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, and the other is the top-ranked Beijing Daxing International Airport!
    Among many important indoor lighting projects, Beijing Daxing International Airport has adopted LED international brand high-end lighting lamps. It is exciting that during the strict selection of the high shed lamp and projector lamp LED Driver in the project, ultimately, MOSO high-end LUP DALI dimming series LED Driver was selected by the project.
    The LUP series is a high-reliability and high-power LED driver developed by MOSO for the market with higher security requirements.



    Soraa BRILLIANTTM HL is the lamp that brings nature’s light indoor, to make illumination an experience like never before.
    A light that adds dimension to colors and makes them perfecty realistic, as nature intended.
    Soraa BRILLIANTTM HL opens the door for applications with specific requirements, like stadiums or airports.

  6. Soraa HEALTHY

    Soraa HEALTHY

    Light and sleep are the two vital components for a healthy life, they represent the fuel of our success: good-quality sleep improves our memory, our cognitive capacity and daily activity.
    Thanks to the innovating ZEROBLUETM technology, Soraa HEALTHYTM is the first lamp 100% blue-free spectrum, with a natural, uniform and soft white light, for a pleasant sleep and relax.