1. 2-in-1 Tunable White Single LES 757

    2-in-1 Tunable White Single LES 757

    The way to project lighting changes with the new “Human Centric Lighting” concept: from a lighting “to see” to a lighting designed on purpose of the physiological and psychological human wellness.
    The new Nichia “2-in-1 Tunable White 757”, winner of the Best Sustainability Technology Award, is today the only one specifically designed for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) applications.


    – Industry first single LES Tunable Mid-power LED

    – Color temperature from 2700K to 6500K 

    – CRI: minimum 80

    – Optimized color mixing and tuning

    – High color quality

    – High quality spectrum

    – Market leading Nichia 757 Mid-Power package

    Retail, decorative lighting, interior and architectural lighting.

  2. Welt Electronic supports ANT

    Welt Electronic supports ANT
    Welt Electronic supports the Italian association ANT, which is involved in offering home specialist assistance to cancer patients plus to a free oncologic prevention as well.


    Electronic Toll Collection is one of the most advanced intelligent toll collection system in the world.
    The GPS based tracking device OBU (on-board unit), mounted on automotive windshields, allows the vehicle identification without cash and cars stopping.
    Our partner EEMB offers a wide range of high-performance batteries for electronic toll-roads transponder, with a long life time, even under extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.