1. High performance and compact design

    High performance and compact design

    The ionizer and ozonizer modules use high voltages to ionize / ozonate air molecules. They allow easy integration with many devices thanks to their compact design, this while maintaining the highest efficiency in the sector with a production of more than 20 million ions.


  2. Welt Eletcronic Summer Holidays

    Welt Eletcronic Summer Holidays

    Welt Electronic will be closed for Summer Holidays from 14th to 23rd August included.
    We will resume regular business hours Monday 24th August.

    We wish you happy holidays!

  3. TGP 10000ULM for 5G telecom

    TGP 10000ULM for 5G telecom

    BERGQUIST GAP PAD® TGP 10000ULM is the new ultra-low GAP PAD designed by Henkel/Bergquist to meet the challenges generated by the very high-power densities of the new 5G telecommunication infrastructures.

    The top-quality router and server of 5G technology will continue to collect increasing powers in ever smaller spaces and the thermal management of these devices will represent an obstacle that it must necessarily be exceeded to ensure correct functionality.

  4. Welt Electronic for Wind Energy

    Welt Electronic for Wind Energy

    Wind energy is the energy of the future: a renewable source that doesn’t pollute, easy to produce and above all economic, destined to become in a few years the first source of electricity in Europe.

    Even in Italy the potential of wind sector is high and the growth of these plants is increasing exponentially.

  5. X6 - New Low Power version

    X6 - New Low Power version

    Moso launches the new low power version (26W-60W) of its X6 series, the extraordinary dimmable constant current LED driver series for street lighting.

    With “black-box” function included for an easier failure diagnosing, the X6 series is ideal for everyone is looking for a simple, efficient and innovative product with an excellent price-quality ratio (less than 15% than competitors ones).

    3 years guaranteed.


  6. New Welt Electronic TIM Catalogue

    New Welt Electronic TIM Catalogue

    Welt Electronic presents the new Bergquist (Henkel) TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) catalogue.

    Welt Electronic, Bergquist authorized distributor for over 20 years, offers you, with its highly qualified staff, a personalized advice to find the thermal solution that best suits your needs.

  7. Violet for UV-C application

    Violet for UV-C application

    Our partner LEDIL, high-quality optic LEDs supplier, offers a wide range of efficient optic solutions for UV applications.

    The last new entry in LEDiL is Violet, the new optic specifically designed for UV-C applications. Violet is composed by a unique silicone that allows a higher UV ray transmission and an outstanding beam control. Compatible with Nichia’s LEDs.