1. Purification and Sterilization

    Purification and Sterilization

    LED UVC technology

    The association between light and purification or disinfection is not immediate: but the special germicidal LED UV-C lamps emit high-intensity ultraviolet light that purifies air, water, and surfaces without the use of chemicals aggressive harmful to the environment.

    The absorption of photons in this wavelength (UVC: 100-280 nm) by DNA or RNA of micro-organisms causes destruction, by photochemical reaction, of this part which is vital in their reproduction process thus rendering them inactive.

  2. Moso X6-600W LED Driver Series

    Moso X6-600W LED Driver Series

    X6-600W is the new Moso Constant Current and Constant Power LED driver series with universal input voltage range 90~305Vac model and offline programmable by dimming cable connected with an USB kit programming device.

    Constant lumen output and a wide range of output current in a single driver which guarantee the maximum flexibility and customized light quality, to be suitable for various applications and luminaire projects.

  3. Vertical Cement Resistors in Tube Package

    Vertical Cement Resistors in Tube Package

    Ty-Ohm launches the SQM 5W and 7W vertical cement resistors in the new extraordinary version with tube package, for an easier assembly of components with Pick & Place machine.

    Low inductance and impulse resistance, Ty-Ohm vertical cement resistors are small in size but with an excellent stability in high temperature.

  4. HFD23 Relay: New Version

    HFD23 Relay: New Version

    HFD23 Hongfa relay is now available in a new exclusive version: a range of temperature from -40°C to +90°C during its use. A very high efficiency and reliability for a wide range of applications.