1. New Nichia 519 LED

    New Nichia 519 LED

    Increase the brightness of large outdoor spaces with the new Nichia 519 LED.

    A power LED with 4mm square of chip in a 3535 case, specifically designed to release high luminous fluxes (680lm). Narrow optics available.

    High quality and reliability for more luminous efficiency with a fewer quantity of LEDs.

  2. New Nichia multi-chip LED

    New Nichia multi-chip LED

    Pursuing its motto “Ever researching for a brighter world”, Nichia continues to expand its product portfolio with the new B35 LED (NV4WB35AM). An 8,5W multi-chip LED with the highest flux density of 3535 in 3,65x3,65 power footprint. Smaller and simpler than most conventional LEDs, the new B35 ensure a narrow light beam over a long distance.

    Soon available also with color temperature up to 6500K.

  3. The new Moso U6 series is now available!

    The new Moso U6 series is now available!

    Moso and Welt Electronic are pleased to present the new family of Smart LED Driver that combine performance, quality and price in a single series of products!

    Specifically designed to meet the increasing demands of the European Lighting market, the new U6 are IP20 LED Drivers in CC+CV (constant power), programmable and available from 40W to 200W versions.

  4. New lightbox catalogue

    New lightbox catalogue

    With over thirty years of experience in electronic components distribution, Welt Electronic extends its product offering and presents its new Lightbox catalogue.

    High performance and excellent color brilliance combined with very low energy consumption are the main characteristics of our LED drivers.

  5. New Jauch TCXO JT21S

    New Jauch TCXO JT21S

    Jauch, leading specialist for frequency control solutions, launches the new JT21S temperature compensated quartz crystal oscillators (TCXO) to guarantee excellent performances even under extreme conditions and for the most complex applications.

    As for all Jauch products, also the JT21S oscillators are produced and configured according to the highest quality standards. A compact, lightweight and highly precise solution with clipped sine output for a low power consumption.

  6. ARCH Electronics SP10F Converters

    ARCH Electronics SP10F Converters

    The ARCH Electronics SP10F is the perfect solution for all projects with reduced spaces and that require very small converters with high power density and efficiency (up to 89%). A 10W miniature encapsulated DC/DC converter with 4:1 wide input range, available in both single and dual regulated output that guarantee excellent performances even under harsh environments and variable temperatures (from -40°C to +85°C), without forced air or additional heat-sink.