1. Sponsor of ASD Team Cycle Classic

    Sponsor of ASD Team Cycle Classic

    Welt Electronic confirms also for this year its will to support and sponsor the ASD Team Cycle Classic of Albano S. Alessandro.

    The sponsorship of the ASD Team Cycle Classic of Albano S. Alessandro is part of Welt Electronic's commitment to support cycling of all levels and from all backgrounds: an encouragement for the first running experience and in the same time the opportunity to offer everyone more opportunities to race as professional and amateur cyclists.

    We are enthusiastic to announce our new partnership with ASD Team Cycle Classic, fully dedicated to achieve the maximum equality and to create new opportunities in professional cycling,” said Riccardo Rabatti, president of Welt Electronic.

  2. Welt Electronic supports Florence Careggi Hospital

    Welt Electronic supports Florence Careggi Hospital

    In the midst of Covid-19 emergency, the goals of Welt Electronic are to protect its employees in Italy and supporting the supply chain and the civil society as well.

    Welt Electronic, Italian company pioneer in distribution of electronic and lighting components, confirms today all the measures taken to deal with the Covid-19 emergency to protect its employees. In the commercial and distribution reality of Welt Electronic in Florence, important activities have been implemented since the beginning of March to optimize the safety measures.

  3. The Welt Electronic Green Gadgets

    The Welt Electronic Green Gadgets

    Welt Electronic, specialized in electronic and lighting components distribution, always attentive to the environmental respect, involves every year its employees, customers and suppliers gifting them with sustainable personalized gadgets.

    Every small commitment can improve everyone’s life: Welt Electronic this year chose Sadesign as a partner, contributing to the rebirth of a forest. An ethical choice that will be good for the Planet and for all of us.

  4. A Chocolate Heart for Christmas

    A Chocolate Heart for Christmas

    Welt Electronic and Rotaract Club Firenze continue their great social support and they join the initiative “Cuore di cioccolato Telethon” (“Telethon Chocolate Heart”) for the scientific research on rare genetic disease. Even for this Christmas Welt Electronic uses the heart and chooses the gift of generosity!

  5. Welt Electronic supports ANT

    Welt Electronic supports ANT
    Welt Electronic supports the Italian association ANT, which is involved in offering home specialist assistance to cancer patients plus to a free oncologic prevention as well.
  6. Florence for Children 2019

     Florence for Children 2019
    Welt Electronic confirms its social and cultural commitment by contributing to the latest edition of the festival "Firenze dei bambini" (Florence for Children) dedicated to the littlest set, kids, and their families, which will be held on 12-13-14 April 2019. A contribution that is in perfect continuity with the work done up until now by Welt across the national territory, including:
    Brain Light creating synergy between the academic and business world in collaboration with the Design Campus, Department of Architecture in Florence
    Create your Start-Up a work-school initiative with the students of Educandato Statale SS. Annunziata

    The award ceremony of the IV edition of the international video contest for young people and light, organized by AIDI, took place in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence on 21 May 2017.

    Welt Electronic and the Sardinian start-up Company undertake to cooperate in the development of “Veranu” eco-friendly flooring through the exclusive supply of Murata products and the activation of a joint communication plan.


    Welt Electronic insieme ai ragazzi dell’Educandato Statale SS. Annunziata ha intrapreso il percorso di interscambio formativo volto alla creazione di start-up pensate per i giovani. 

    I ragazzi hanno ricevuto una formazione relativa alla progettazione e agli strumenti da utilizzare per costituire la propria impresa digitale. Partendo da esempi concreti di start-up innovative come “Veranu”, i ragazzi hanno compreso come l’elemento tecnologico, la progettazione e le strategie di marketing e comunicazione siano fondamentali per l’avvio di un’impresa. A seguito della formazione i ragazzi sono stati suddivisi in 2 gruppi e ad essi è stato affidato il compito di concepire la propria impresa digitale sulla base di quanto appreso.

  10. Tudora Supporters

    Tudora Supporters
    “If the sea can improve the life of an individual the moment he approaches and develops a passion for it, then the sea can improve an entire community”.
    In 2012 the “Claudiu Tudora Supporters” originated out of the desire to find a way to continue to cultivate a love of the sea through the passion for sailing, intended not only as a pastime, but as a privileged moment of reflection, teaching and maturation of thought and communal spirit.