1. The best custom solution for you!

    The best custom solution for you!

    Everel Group, leading company specialized in production and supply of electronic and electromechanical parts for the most celebrated household electrical appliance manufacturers and for the principal automobile producers, chooses Welt Electronic as its supplier of customized electronic components!

    This is because Welt Electronic is not just a simple electronic components distributor. With a consolidated experience in distribution of industrial and lighting components, Welt Electronic has always based its core business on the customer care and its needs.

  2. ARCH Electronics’ new ARF130 series

    ARCH Electronics’ new ARF130 series

    All the power you need is in the new ARCH Electronics’ ARF130 AC/DC switching power supply series.

    High reliability up to 91% and excellent quality in a single component with compact dimensions that guarantees you 125W of power with natural convection, with universal input of 90-264Vac.

  3. Available Lextar 5050 LED

    Available Lextar 5050 LED

    The Lextar SMD White LED 5050 is now available!

    SMD White 5050 is the LED that guarantees you excellent color brightness and perfect beam control for all outdoor applications.

    For all your next projects don’t choose just any LED, the right solution for a high visual definition and a perfect image quality brings only the name of Lextar SMD White LED 5050.

  4. Nichia UV-C LED

    Nichia UV-C LED

    The Nichia’s NCSU334B UV-C LEDs are effective also against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    Specifically designed to satisfy the increasing sterilization mass market demand, the latest research of Tokushima University confirms that, with a wavelength of 280nm and 51mJ/cm2s, the NCSU334B LEDs kill the SARS-CoV-2 in just 30 seconds, with an efficiency up to 99.99%.



    The way to design light is constantly evolving and the new concept of Human Centric Lighting confirms this. 

    The Human Centric Lighting is the smart lighting specifically designed to bring benefits to the circadian human biological rhythm, by reproducing the natural light cycle perfectly adapted to humans and their activities during all day.

    The concept of “Light So Good” which includes the two complementary Nichia’s technologies of VitasolisTM and OptisolisTM fully reflect this new lighting system for the well-being and the mood, for people and environment.

  6. New ARCH SW30F Converters

    New ARCH SW30F Converters

    ARCH Electronics, specialized for over 30 years in production of converters, expands its already wide range of products with the new SW30F DC/DC converter series.

    The SW30F converter series is the best solution for all those are looking for a small size but highly efficient (up to 90%) and high stability product. The encapsulated version guarantees you an excellent resistance to stress and noise making these innovative converters particularly suitable for lots of applications, such as industrial, lighting, transportation and telecom.


  7. FN2580 Schaffner filter

    FN2580 Schaffner filter

    Ensure the correct and optimal functioning of your lighting equipment with Schaffner, world leader in the electromagnetic compatibility.

    The new FN2580 is the ultra-compact filter specifically designed for lighting applications.

  8. New partnership Lextar-Epistar

    New partnership Lextar-Epistar

    The technology of the future has a double name, that of the new generation of MiniLED and MicroLED.

    Our partner Lextar, a pioneer in the mass production of MiniLED backlight solutions since 2018, announces the beginning of a strategic partnership with Epistar.

  9. Cribis Prime Company 2020

    Cribis Prime Company 2020

    Credibility, reliability and transparency have always been the characteristics that distinguish Welt Electronic, proud to receive again this year the Cribis Prime Company 2020.

    For the fourth consecutive year Welt Electronic obtains the prestigious award of maximum commercial reliability that only 3% of Italian companies receive every year.

  10. Nichia triumphs at LpS Digital 2020!

    Nichia triumphs at LpS Digital 2020!

    Nichia completely renews the way to approach lighting with its innovative “Light So Good” (VitasolisTM and OptisolisTM) and 2-in-1 White LED solutions, winning the Best Product Awards at LpS Digital 2020.

    Discover a new lighting for the human circadian rhythm with VitasolisTM; create a perfect natural sunlight never seen before with OptisolisTM; achieve a very high light quality and uniformity (up to 90CRI) using a small single light emitting surface with 2-in-1 White LED technology.