1. Pechino Airport uses MOSO LUP Series

    Pechino Airport uses MOSO LUP Series

    According to the 2016 “Guardian” selected the Seven Wonders of the New World, China has taken two seats. One is the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, and the other is the top-ranked Beijing Daxing International Airport!
    Among many important indoor lighting projects, Beijing Daxing International Airport has adopted LED international brand high-end lighting lamps. It is exciting that during the strict selection of the high shed lamp and projector lamp LED Driver in the project, ultimately, MOSO high-end LUP DALI dimming series LED Driver was selected by the project.
    The LUP series is a high-reliability and high-power LED driver developed by MOSO for the market with higher security requirements.

  2. Military Grade Low Temperature Battery

    Military Grade Low Temperature Battery
    Applications subjected to low temperatures, request the use of high efficency Li-Ion battery able to resist at particular temperatures, as below the 0°C. For this reason, EEMB Battery pushed his limits in the battery fields.
    Low Temperature Military Grade extends the traditional discharge temperature from -20°C to -40°C, and, considering that the nominal capacity is measured at 23°C with a 0.2°C discharge at 2.75V, for this line of battery the nominal capacity at -40°C is 80% of the nominal value, getting to be twice higher than the capacity requested from the military standards (40%).

    Our partner Fanso, a highly qualified producer of primary lithium batteries, presented the new battery model that will be released next year.

    Model No:ER14505M
    IEC Size: AA
    Current(mAh\mA): 2100mA
    Max constant current(mA):300mA
    Operate Temp.(℃):-55°C ~ +85°C
    End voltage(V):2.0V
  4. EEMB and FANSO new partnership

    EEMB and FANSO new partnership

    Welt Eletronic is glad to announce a new partnership with EEMB and Wuhan FANSO companies, specialized in battery production. The series is very extended, it goes from the primary batteries to the rechargeable ones, as Li-Ion, Li-Po, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, and the high standard quality is guaranteed from Welt Electronic, who always add more value to the products offering an excellent technical service to his customers.

  5. X6 Series - Simplifying Fixture Designs

    X6 Series - Simplifying Fixture Designs
    It is our pleasure to present the new X6 series by MOSO.
    These are innovative and advanced LED drivers with intelligent control functions like for example the black-box.
    The LED driver is capable of supporting all the risks connected with malfunctioning in devices, with the potential detection of failures playing a very important part. Thanks to the “black-box”, function, the X6 driver will continue to register the temperature of critical components and the data concerning electrical stress. In the case of device malfunctioning, the user can easily connect the tuning control cables of the driver to the computer to read the temperature of the critical components through dedicated software, which allows not only for the detection of failures, but also for further analyses to be made.
  6. VCSEL 3D depth-sensing module

    VCSEL 3D depth-sensing module
    Lextar has launched a VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) product range, which can be used for 3D depth sensing applications including hand gestures, numeric counting of individuals, facial recognition and detecting fatigue in drivers.
    The Lextar VCSEL PV88M series of components is mainly applied to the emission of light sources for the 3D depth-sensing module, providing products with various wavelengths, brightness, package size and beam angle selection from 45 to 100 degrees. This series can be applied to many types of detection systems.
    For more information, please read the interview issued by Ing. Tiziano Fegatelli, Opto LED Product Manager of Welt Electronic and reported by Elettronica Open Sorce.
  7. Vitasolis: ideal human centric lighting experience

    Vitasolis: ideal human centric lighting experience
    Nichia's Vitasolis playe a key role in suitable lighting to help control human circadian rhythm, especially in office, school and hospital settings.
    Lighting can have an influence on activity levels throughout the day, including waking up in the morning, being active during the day, and encouraging sleep at night.
    While Vitasolis provides a very natural white color, part of its spectrum contains a larger amount of energy in the cyan region, which helps control the human circadian rhythm.
    We envision manufacturers combining Vitasolis into IoT systems and providing suitable lighting based on the time of day and desired environment. Vitasolis will truly enable the ideal human centric lighting experience.
  8. Smart lighting and energy saving

    Smart lighting and energy saving
    Welt Electronic SpA has realized an important lighting project for an entire office building with the intent of optimizing energy consumption and visual quality thanks to Nichia LED
    The Nichia 757 Series
    – High performance and extreme efficiency
    – The most complete range of spectrums and (CRI) Color Rendering Index
    – High reliability
    – Packaging optimized for use in areas with limited space, and panel and display lighting devices

    Lighting project for intelligent light management using Nichia LED, guaranteeing the best possible conditions of visual comfort, while eliminating waste. Intelligent wireless system of remote lighting that allows for the programming and monitoring of every single lighting body.

    – Input voltage: 90 - 305Vac;
    – Constant power design, outputs programmable;
    – Equipped with interactive visual software to customize output setting;
    – 3 in 1 dimming mode: 0-10V, PWM, Timing control;
    – LCP Series DALI control is optional;
    – LCP Series 12V/0.3A auxiliary power supply is optional;
    – Multiple protection: SCP, OVP, OTP;
    – Surge protection: line-line 5KV;
    – Ambient temperature: -40°C - +60°C;
    – Degrees of protection: IP67;
    – 5 years warranty.
    – LED street lighting, industrial lighting, and landscape lighting.
  10. COB Solar - Lextar

    COB Solar - Lextar
    A complete range from 4W to 90W
    – CRI>90 CRI>80 SOLAR CRI 97
    – Up to 160lm/W
    – 3-step binning
    – LES compatible with Zhaga standard (Z-series)
    – Low Rth, high heat dissipation
    – Available custom solutions for CCT and SDCM