TGP 10000ULM for 5G telecom

BERGQUIST GAP PAD® TGP 10000ULM is the new ultra-low GAP PAD designed by Henkel/Bergquist to meet the challenges generated by the very high-power densities of the new 5G telecommunication infrastructures.

The top-quality router and server of 5G technology will continue to collect increasing powers in ever smaller spaces and the thermal management of these devices will represent an obstacle that it must necessarily be exceeded to ensure correct functionality.

TGP 10000 ULM is a Gap Pad which combines an exceptional thermal conductivity of 10 W/m-K with an incredible softness. The combination of these two characteristics guarantees the minimum stress of components during the assembly and their extremely efficient heat removal, offering to designers the possibility to integrate the power components with the absolute confidence with an optimal result.