EEMB and FANSO new partnership

Welt Eletronic is glad to announce a new partnership with EEMB and Wuhan FANSO companies, specialized in battery production. The series is very extended, it goes from the primary batteries to the rechargeable ones, as Li-Ion, Li-Po, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, and the high standard quality is guaranteed from Welt Electronic, who always add more value to the products offering an excellent technical service to his customers.

Riccardo Rabatti, Commercial and Marketing Director of Welt Electronic announces: “We are proud to join our experience with those of EEMB and FANSO companies. With this new cooperation we are going to integrate the series of the electronic components we actually offer and we’ll be able to give a modern and more efficient service to all the companies who wants to reinvent themselves. From this cooperation we expect an important development

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