Our partner Schaffner Group can offer not only the world’s biggest selection of EMC/EMI filters and chokes, but even standardized and customized specific solutions as well; thanks to qualified engineers who can help you to know international compliance standards and to improve the safety of electrical/electronic equipment.

In “EMC/EMI Components and Quality Filters for Energy Storage” catalogue of our partner Schaffner Group, you can find your EMI application solutions.

It is, infact, a very complete catalogue with high quality solutions for mitigating EMI in your renewable energy and storage system.

The catalogue includes:
- a huge range of components and filters, such as PCB filters, IEC inlet filters, feedthrough components and chokes,
- a general overview of what any component can bring to the EMI mitigation
- info on prototype customized filters RFI/EMC and related pre-compliance tests

Download now the catalogue!