Available Lextar 5050 LED

The Lextar SMD White LED 5050 is now available!

SMD White 5050 is the LED that guarantees you excellent color brightness and perfect beam control for all outdoor applications.

For all your next projects don’t choose just any LED, the right solution for a high visual definition and a perfect image quality brings only the name of Lextar SMD White LED 5050.

Excellent performances and high reliability at a competitive price.



- White SMD LED

- Typical Efficiency 172 lm/W 4000K R70

- ANSI 3 or 5 step on CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K

- CRI min 70 / min 80

- Dimension: 5.0X5.0X0.7MM

- Qualified according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 3

- Other CCT and CRI on request

- Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance


Outdoor lighting


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