The new Moso U6 series is now available!

Moso and Welt Electronic are pleased to present the new family of Smart LED Driver that combine performance, quality and price in a single series of products!

Specifically designed to meet the increasing demands of the European Lighting market, the new U6 are IP20 LED Drivers in CC+CV (constant power), programmable and available from 40W to 200W versions.

All U6 are dimmable DALI-2, VMF. Compatible with Zhaga standard, they can be programmed even via NFC for a greater flexibility and setting speed.

Equipped with protection against discharges, input and output over-voltage protection, short-circuit and over-temperature protection, the U6 are highly reliable and long-lasting product.



- Power: from 40W to 200W

- Input voltage range: 176~264Vac

- Constant power design

- NFC programmable

- Dimming: DALI-2 & VMF, Dim to off

- External NTC

- Multiple protection: SCP, OVP, OTP, OPP

- Constant Lumen Output (CLO)

- Suitable for Class I and Class II

- Auxiliary power supply: 24V/250mA

- Surge protection: 6KV line-line, 10KV line-earth

- Meet the Zhaga Book 13

- Certification: CCC, CE, CB, ENEC

- IP20

- 7 years warranty



Street and Road Lighting, Horticultural Lighting, Sport Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Architectural Lighting