The way to design light is constantly evolving and the new concept of Human Centric Lighting confirms this. 

The Human Centric Lighting is the smart lighting specifically designed to bring benefits to the circadian human biological rhythm, by reproducing the natural light cycle perfectly adapted to humans and their activities during all day.

The concept of “Light So Good” which includes the two complementary Nichia’s technologies of VitasolisTM and OptisolisTM fully reflect this new lighting system for the well-being and the mood, for people and environment.

If OptisolisTM is the first LED that perfectly mimics the natural light without producing ultraviolet light, guaranteeing an excellent color rendering index and extremely realistic color vision; VitasolisTM is designed with very natural white color, since part of its spectrum contains a higher amount of energy in the cyan region.

OptisolisTM, therefore, ideal in retail and museums, is a perfect solution for the correct lighting of products, characterized by a “full spectrum” spectral emission with a CRI index close to 100 and by a chromatic precision that allows to show the difference among colors with close nuances. While lots of competing products use chips near ultraviolet wavelength (405nm), Nichia OptisolisTM uses a chip with wavelength of 420nm for white LEDs and 450nm for warm white LEDs.

VitasolisTM is ideal for application in offices, schools, hospitals and more environments that can benefit from the improvement of the lighting comfort in spaces thanks to the adoption of the circadian rhythm. Nichia provides the application of VitasolisTM in the context of IoT connected lighting systems to supply features designed for proper lighting in work environments. This technology helps to control the human circadian rhythm through a unique spectrum capable of reproducing adequate lighting based on the time of day and the surrounding environment.

A better quality of light is now possible with the innovative Nichia technologies!