New Nichia 519 LED

Increase the brightness of large outdoor spaces with the new Nichia 519 LED.

A power LED with 4mm square of chip in a 3535 case, specifically designed to release high luminous fluxes (680lm). Narrow optics available.

High quality and reliability for more luminous efficiency with a fewer quantity of LEDs.



- LED size: 3.5mmx3.5mmx2.35mm

- R70 and R80

- Luminous flux: 680lm

- Luminous efficacy: 160lm/W

- Forward voltage: Typ. 3.03V – Max. 3.2V

- Forward current: Max. 2000mA

- Thermal resistance: Typ. 2°C/W – Max. 3°C/W

- Junction Temperature: Max. 150°C



Sport light, floodlight, flashlight, street and road light