The best custom solution for you!

Everel Group, leading company specialized in production and supply of electronic and electromechanical parts for the most celebrated household electrical appliance manufacturers and for the principal automobile producers, chooses Welt Electronic as its supplier of customized electronic components!

This is because Welt Electronic is not just a simple electronic components distributor. With a consolidated experience in distribution of industrial and lighting components, Welt Electronic has always based its core business on the customer care and its needs.

Welt Electronic provides you a team of specialized experts who supports you in the design and realization of the "tailor-made" solution that best suites to each specific need. We build with you efficient and high-quality solutions specifically intended for the realization of your projects and we guarantee your maximum satisfaction, establishing a relationship of mutual collaboration and trust.

Welt Electronic by your side to always offer you the best customized solution!