X6 Series - Simplifying Fixture Designs
It is our pleasure to present the new X6 series by MOSO.
These are innovative and advanced LED drivers with intelligent control functions like for example the black-box.
The LED driver is capable of supporting all the risks connected with malfunctioning in devices, with the potential detection of failures playing a very important part. Thanks to the “black-box”, function, the X6 driver will continue to register the temperature of critical components and the data concerning electrical stress. In the case of device malfunctioning, the user can easily connect the tuning control cables of the driver to the computer to read the temperature of the critical components through dedicated software, which allows not only for the detection of failures, but also for further analyses to be made.
– X6-Power Range 75-320W
– Constant power Constant Current and programmable output
– Class I/Class II Design
– Universal input: 90-305Vac
– High efficiency: Up to 93%
– Operation temperature: -40°C ~ 60°C
– Multiple protection: SCP, OVP, OTP
– Surge immunity: DM-5KV, CM-10KV
– Built-in active PFC/Flicker free
– Exclusive particular charming novelty design with “black-box”, recording the highest historical temperature data, providing a preliminary diagnosis when driver failures
– Output wire and dimming wire isolated
– CLO function (Constant Lumen Output)
– Offline programmable
– 3 in 1 dimming: 0-10V, PWM, Timing control, Dim to off
– 5 years warranty, extended to 7/10 years warranty on condition