Board of Directors


The Welt Electronic organization centres on the value of people, their individuality, their emotional bond with the company and sense of community.


The founder members, who are present in Welt Electronic’s corporate structure, also hold offices and operational roles.

Riccardo Rabatti

President and Commercial Manager

Responsible for defining and achieving the company’s strategic goals with available financial, human and material resources.
Control and management of the Italian market and development, control and management of foreign markets. Analysis of sales performances and positioning in implementation of business strategies.


Giusy Marotta

Human Resource Manager
Responsible for staff scheduling and planning policies and processes, recruiting and selection, training and development, management and administration of human resources, relations with trade unions and external relations. She has introduced the main programmes for training and development, assessment/ valorization of human resources. Responsible for the service covering prevention and protection of occupational hazards for workers.

Pietro Dho

BigData and Analytics solutions
Responsible for the company’s strategic decisions in the field of finance, management control and budgeting and reporting activities relating to costs and revenues, relations with credit institutions and credit risk management. Within the Board of Directors he shares the planning of company investments and development strategies.

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