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From the experience of three successful professionals came the idea of creating “a company for companies” able to offer products with high added value, flexible and customizable, to satisfy every customer’s requirements. Founded in 1985, Welt Electronic is a company focused on sales, marketing, distribution and relative consultancy services with a direct presence on the European market. With headquarters in Florence, Welt Electronic is well introduced in the organized mass distribution system of which it has excellent knowledge.
In continual expansion, today its internal structure is divided into: Industrial Division and Lighting Division. Through a sales policy of non-conflicting brands, Welt Electronic over the years has built up a portfolio of different Brands and products able to satisfy the expectations and requirements of an increasingly demanding market.



Customer Satisfaction is our goal!
To reach this objective our strategy is to offer customers a continually improving service: highly skilled professionals, partnerships with leading companies in the sector and automated services.
Welt Electronic aims to guarantee maximum satisfaction for all its customers to whom it has made the ambitious promise of supplying them not only with top-class products but also a list of solutions for discussion, evaluation and choice which will not only improve but also extend their business.


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