Amtek connectors

Amtek connectors

Connectors are essential electronic components in each device: they allow voltage, current or signals to flow from one device to another.

Amtek Technology Co., partner of Welt Electronic, in its 25 years of activity it has evolved as one of the largest connector manufacturers in the world. Board to board, board to wire, header & socket, I/O connectors: the wide range of connectors offered by Amtek Technology allows the company to respond to every connection and design need.
The Amtek Technology connectors are designed and manufactured to ensure a strong locking, obtaining a secure, robust and reliable connection, resistant to even the harshest vibrations and environmental conditions.

To meet the latest market needs and the increasingly compact devices, Amtek Technology Co. offers all its know-how and professionalism in the creations of customized connectors both in shape and size, suitable for use in the most different industrial applications, from medical to automotive.

The recent achievement of IATF 16949:2016 certification is a further guarantee of the professionalism and commitment of Amtek Technology to consider the needs and requirements of the customer as one of its priorities.

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