EldoLED ECOdrive

EldoLED ECOdrive

The secret for an efficient LED lighting? The 30W ECOdrive LED driver series.
Specifically designed for indoor lighting where the dimmability in according with DALI protocol is required, the EldoLED ECOdrive constant current LED driver series is characterized by the maximum reliability and programming flexibility, as well as for the excellent free-flickering performance.
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– Voltage: AC 120-277V, DC 120-250V
– Current: max 0.7A
– Frequency: 50/60Hz
– Class 2 LED output
– Voltage: 55V max
– Current range: settable from 200mA to 1,050mA in 25mA steps
– Power: 30W
– Power factor: > 0.90 at full load
– DALI compatible
– Highly efficient over a wide power and voltage range: 89% at full load, ≥ 85% above 67% load
– Maximum (rated) power available over wide LED voltage (30-55V) and LED current range (200-1,050mA)

Indoor lighting such as offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality, retail

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