Innovative E-Mobility & AC Charging Products by Hongfa

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Innovative E-Mobility & AC Charging Products by Hongfa

The world of energy is rapidly evolving in our daily lives. We are currently witnessing a significant transformation across various sectors, and E-Mobility undoubtedly stands as a crucial component of the future energy landscape. The success of E-Mobility hinges heavily on advancements in charging technology.

Hongfa, partner of Welt Electronic, holds a prominent role as a leading supplier of AC charging products. The company is dedicated to developing a range of relays for AC charging technology, known for their unmatched reliability, efficiency, and compact design that seamlessly integrates with the latest generation of wallboxes, effectively meeting your design requirements.

Their noteworthy offerings comprise the new compact “HF170F-S” which integrates the relay portfolio dedicated to chargers together with “HF198F(955)” and “HF187”.

All relays are compliance to all required standards for AC charging applications including IEC 62955. These relays demonstrate exceptional reliability and an optimal design, ensuring efficient energy consumption, reduced heat generation, and compliance with various essential standards.”

In addition to relays, Hongfa supplies crucial components such as film capacitors, CT and fluxgate sensors, which are indispensable for charging applications.

The harmonious integration of these components ensures the robust reliability, safety and high performance of charging systems.

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