Lifud LED Driver LF-FSDxxxYA and LF-FMRxxxYSIII

Linear LED Driver Lifud

Lifud LED Driver LF-FSDxxxYA and LF-FMRxxxYSIII

LEDs, thanks to their characteristics and energy efficiency, have revolutionized the indoor and outdoor lighting sector.

Behind every LED that emits light, however, there is an LED driver, a device specifically designed to convert alternating current into direct current of constant value.
The LED drivers, in particular, guarantee stability and reliability, extend the life of the LEDs by protecting against overvoltages and overcurrents, allow the possibility of adjusting the brightness according to specific needs and contribute to improving the overall energy efficiency of the lighting system.

The entire lighting panorama is constantly evolving today and, consequently, the world of LED drivers must also keep up with the continuous technological development of LEDs.

For the distribution of top-quality LED drivers, Welt Electronic relies on its partner Lifud, specialized in the research, development and production of LED drivers for indoor and outdoor applications.

Recently awarded as among the 3 best brands for the production of intelligent drivers and LED drivers, Lifud’s policy is based on the search for the highest quality and continuous innovation.
The Lifud Linear LED drivers LF-FSDxxxYA and LF-FMRxxxYSIII series are designed and engineered to satisfy even the most demanding demands of the current market: they stand out for guaranteeing maximum light quality and excellent visual comfort thanks to reduced flicker.

The LF-FSDxxxYA series supports DALI & PUSH dimming to allow the management, configuration and programming of LED lighting systems in digital mode; the output current of the LF-FMRxxxYSIII series is adjustable via DIP switches.
Both the series of LED drivers are specifically designed for indoor application, in particular for office lighting, commercial and even decorative lighting.

• Supports DALI & PUSH dimming + Corridor function
• Output current set via an exterior resistor or a programmer or NFC (150W)
• Constant lumen output set via a programmer
• Supports 2 sets of light fixtures connected in series
• Dim to off without afterglow
• Flicker free
• High efficiency up to 93%
• Output power (W, max) 37, 60, 75, 90, 150

• Output current adjustable via a DIP switch
• Working without buzzing noise
• Best energy savings by high efficiency up to 95.5%
• Ripple current <5%
• Output Power (W, max) 20, 40, 60, 80, 120,150

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