Lifud LF-GMDxxxYM linear driver

Lifud LF-GMDxxxYM linear driver

LED drivers are not just common power supplies, they are designed considering the specific characteristics of the LEDs in order to guarantee their excellent performance and long life.
The lighting market offers a vast amount of LED driver solutions and it may not always be easy to find the right product for each specific application.

Welt Electronic and Lifud accompany you in choosing the LED driver that best suits your needs.

Among the intelligent system solutions offered by Lifud, we find the linear LED driver LF-GMDxxxYM with output power from 15W to 65W and voltage 120-347Vac.
Dimmable 0-10V / PWM and with an optional AUX 12V output, the power and CCT of the LF-GMDxxxYM are adjustable via DIP switch.

Compliant with the latest certifications, Lifud’s LF-GMDxxxYM LED driver guarantees maximum reliability and exceptional performance.

– Output current 15W-65W
– Voltage 120-347Vac
– Supports 0-10V/PWM dimming
– Optional fixed and adjustable output current (via DIP switch)
– Optional CCT change (via DIP switch)
– Optional 12V AUX output
– Smooth dimming effect with dim-to-off
– Complies with the latest DLC standard

Tri-proof light, linear light

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