Nichia LED UV-C

Nichia LED UV-C

Nichia doesn’t stop to amaze and enriches its range with the new 280nm Deep UV/UV-C LED.

Acclaimed at the 2020REdTech in Orlando, USA, NCSU334A represents the new Nichia workhorse that will revolutionize the Lighting market.

The LED UV/UV-C technology, given the current epidemic crisis from COVID-19, is optimal in healthcare facilities where a rigorous cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of environments, surfaces and tools are requested.

Deep UV LED, 280 nm NCSU334A is a small highly efficient LED that issues a typical radiant flux of 55W (3650mA), almost twice than competitors LED.

Studies confirm that UV/UV-C LED lamps will play a key role in even other applications such as home, retail and office environments, replacing the conventional lighting fixtures.

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