As the demand of technologically advanced electronic devices increases, the need for electromagnetic interference filtering (EMI) products is growing as well.

Schaffner, world leader in research and production of EMI/EMC filters, has been dedicated for years to minimize EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) that can compromise the correct function of the devices, creating failures and dangerous conditions for devices or for those who use them.

In an electrical panel it’s essential that several components interact with each other. For this reason, there are some regulations for which each electrical or electronic devices must meet compatibility and immunity criteria.

The proven experience in science and engineering of safety allow to Welt Electronic to select and recommend only the best products on market, such as Schaffner FN2560 series, the new family of flexible and customized EMI/EMC filters.

The FN2560 filters, designed to be installed in factories as components of fixtures or equipment for final lighting use, have been produced for a voltage rating up to 300 VAC and they ensure excellent differential mode attenuation performances, making them suitable for AC and DC application as well.

With a compact and space-saving design, the FN2560 filters are easy to install, they are RoHS and REACH compliant and evaluated to IEC/EN 60939-3, GB/T 15287, UL 60939-3.

The IEC 60939 regulation was published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and it consists of three subsections under the main title “Passive filter units for the suppression of electromagnetic interference”:

  • IEC 60939-1 Part 1: General specifications
  • IEC 60939-2 Part 2: Section characteristics – Passive filter units to which safety tests comply – Test methods and general requirements
  • IEC 60939-3 Part 3: Passive filter units compliant with safety tests

The FN2560 Schaffner filters are evaluated according to the IEC 60939-3 which covers the passive filters used to attenuate unwanted radiofrequency signals (such as noise or interference) generated by electromagnetic sources. In this specification both single and multichannel filters within an enclosure or built on a printed circuit board are included.

This specification applies to passive electromagnetic interference suppression filter units for which safety testing is appropriate. This implies that the filters specified according to this specification will be connected to the mains supply, when it is necessary to comply with the mandatory tests in Table 3 or used in other positions of the circuit where the specification of the equipment prescribes that some or all of these safety tests are required.

The FN2560 series is available in three different variations:

– C00: no leakage current, medical application;

– C11: low leakage current, safety application;

– C16: standard version, best filter performance.


APPLICATION: LED driver and displays, street lamps and signage, industrial and architectural lighting

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