TFT: the new technologies in LCD display market

TFT: the new technologies in LCD display market

TFT displays: the main characteristics
TFT LCD displays are also known as “active matrix” display technology, which is distinguished from “passive matrix” by the use of a transistor coupled to each pixel.

The active matrix is a constant stream that changes or updates extremely rapidly depending on the input signal from the controller. These characteristics make it possible to obtain some fundamental benefits such as greater sharpness, brightness and, at the same time, lower energy consumption.

Thanks to its active matrix, a TFT display quickly reacts to impulses given by movement, such as in the case of a mouse cursor being dragged across the screen.

TFT displays: an increasingly requested component
TFT displays are highly flexible and versatile components that nowadays have a very vast application field.
TFTs are used in a multitude of display systems, both static and dynamic, ranging from information panels for messaging and retail, to equipment screens in the industrial and automotive sectors, up to home appliances.
The growth in the demand for devices that integrate this technology has led to an increase in the demand for the availability of specific electronic micro-components from which it cannot be separated.

Thanks to its decades of experience and the reliability of its partners, Welt Electronic provides its customers with innovative and qualitatively superior solutions, capable of complying with even the most stringent production and performance standards required by customers in the automotive sector.

The main solution, the RCL TFT line, guarantees different configurations, which can be customized in size, resolution and type of viewing angle. The support of the RCL partner ensures the total integration of the chosen configuration in the design and ergonomics of your system.


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