The tile that generates energy

The tile that generates energy

Welt Electronic and the Sardinian start-up Company undertake to cooperate in the development of “Veranu” eco-friendly flooring through the exclusive supply of Murata products and the activation of a joint communication plan.

The collaboration, which originated from our mutual sensitivity to problems that are typical of our times with a view to developing sustainable life-styles, respecting the environment from a different point of view, aims to contribute to the achievement of a “cultural revolution” that will concretely change our sensibility, perception and behaviour.

Welt Electronic, which for some years has been concerned with initiatives aimed at training and professional growth and the development of new start-up companies, has chosen to promote and valorize the “Veranu” project, by providing professional and technical support with the supply of Murata’s 7BB-35-3LO. The 7BB-35-3LO are ultra-thin, lightweight disks which, thanks to the piezoelectric technology with which they are made, polarize and then generate a current when stressed mechanically (e.g. with pressure or weight) or electrically with a flow of current.

Andrea Gorgeri, Product Manager of Welt Electronic states that “It is fundamental to help young people develop the necessary skills to succeed in a sustainable environment where there is the greatest potential. That is why we at Welt Electronic, by collaborating with Murata, aim to support this new project to its complete realization”.

Alessio Calcagni, Veranu CEO “Our cooperation with Welt originates from the need to have by our side a company that produces the materials Veranu needs to be reliable, safe and efficient. We are pleased to have entered this partnership agreement with Welt and are certain that our smart energy floor will, to all effects, be a green product that respects the environment both as regards the service it offers and the materials from which it is made”.

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