Welt Electronic: school-work project

Welt Electronic: school-work project

Welt Electronic with the students of “Educandato Statale SS. Annunziata” has undertaken the training exchange for the creation of start-up for young people.
The students received a training concerning the design and the tools to set up their own digital company. Starting from concrete examples of innovative start-up such as “Veranu”, the students understood how the technological element, the design, marketing and communication are essential for starting a business.
After the training, the students were divided into 2 groups and they were entrusted with the task of conceiving their own digital company on the basis of what they learned.

On Monday 4th of June 2018, the students of III and IV High School presented their start-up projects in front of a large audience:

On the final day, the students also had the opportunity to discover and get to know the Design Campus in Calenzano, a structure with international standards, entirely dedicated to study and research in the field of product and fashion design.
“We thought about the Start-Up Revolutionary Road project to offer young people the tools to face the important challenges that concern them: find work, have space to use their talent and grow their innovative ideas, creating the technologies that they would like for their future.”


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