Welt Electronic supports young people and sport values

Sur Sailing Team_Triton Cup

Welt Electronic supports young people and sport values

Sporting success, like business success, requires dedication and passion.

Welt Electronic, which has always been attentive to the future of the new generations, promotes sport and the positive values ​​that it represents, supporting the Sur Sailing Team, a crew of very young sailors under 30, Overall winners of the Triton Cup last May 26th.

Welt Electronic recognizes the potential of young sailors and offers them the chance to emerge and chase their dreams. Welt Electronic’s investment in young people is an investment in the future. By supporting new generations and promoting the values ​​of sport, Welt Electronic contributes to creating a more inclusive society prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Welt Electronic supports the Sur Sailing Team by providing components that are also suitable for the nautical market, such as batteries, waterproof connectors, displays and adhesive tapes.

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