Henkel-Loctite®Printed electronic solutions

Henkel-Loctite®Printed electronic solutions

In recent years, the request by various industries for the use of printed electronics techniques is growing considerably, thanks to its peculiar characteristics that allow the creation of products that are difficult to obtain using traditional techniques.

This technique has made possible the prototyping of new types of components and the introduction of electronic technologies in new fields of application, including traditional industries such as textiles or furniture.

The electronic component obtained by printing, in fact, is particularly flexible, thin and light: thanks to the ink formulation, which builds the various substrates that compose it, it is possible to create a multi-material product with small dimensions, depending on the ink formulations used and the composition of the substrates themselves.

To meet the ever-increasing demands of manufacturers looking for high-quality inks and coating materials that allow for smaller, lighter and more technologically advanced products, Welt Electronic relies on its partner Henkel, a world leader in the production of printed components.

Henkel created its own line of inks, LOCTITE®, which includes a range of solutions such as:
– resistive;
– dielectric;
– for electrodes;
– PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and shielding.

The wide range of LOCTITE® inks includes efficient solutions for:
– Medical implants. Recent technological advances in the medical field have led to an increased demand for printed electronic materials, especially for the production of biosensors and EKG/ECG electronics, as well as pacing pads;

– Home comforts and consumer electronics. Electronics manufacturing also requires a wide variety of inks used to make circuit boards, touch screen systems, some parts of common household appliances and lighting fixtures;

– Advanced automotive systems. They require printable components such as seat sensors and airbag activation.

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